Each country has at least one unique signature food to offer, whether it’s sushi from Japan, burger from the U.S, pho from Vietnam or pizza from Italy. Myanmar, too, has its very own Mohinga which can easily be found at every corner of the streets to restaurants and hotels across the country which can go from being very affordable at less than a dollar to high end at $5-$10 a dish.

Mohinga stands as the country’s top national dish. Although the urban landscape of Myanmar has been changing rapidly, Mohinga culture still remains intact. This hearty bowl of Mohinga, rice noodle eaten with a fish-based broth enjoyed often with extra toppings such as boiled egg, fish cake, and various vegetable fritters makes it a perfect dish not only for satisfying meal but also as light snacks for the locals.

What makes this dish so special is that its ability to serves many purposes. It can assimilate into everyday lives of the locals or for special occasions and at the same time be a perfect representation of the nation’s traditions and customs to globetrotters who’ve traveled afar to experience the unique culture the country has to offer.

yangon photo

If there is only 24 hours in Myanmar, then it is highly recommended to try Mohinga for it will be a culinary journey that will exhibit wide range of flavor that are uniquely Myanmar. Make sure to stop by at Food City, a hip cool food court with 12 stall concepts at Myanmar Plaza shopping mall for a quick sample of Mohinga!

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