Best Food For This Monsoon Season at Food City!

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Here are the best picks for this Monsoon season you should not miss! Whether you are looking for something light to eat or a big meal to share with friends and families, Food City makes sure that there is something for everyone. Follow @foodcitymm for new dishes and limited time offers!

Mala Fragrant Pot at The Spicy House

The Spicy House has taken the town by storm with its unique blend of chili and spices. This comfort food is favorite amongst children, teenagers and adults! Make sure to try it upon your next visit to Food City.

Beef Pho at Golden Pho

It’s hard to come by a bowl of Pho in Myanmar especially an authentic version of this dish. One Vietnamese restaurant though is making a hit amongst locals and expats alike. Golden Pho which entered Yangon dining scene two years ago now has multiplied to five branches. One of them is at Food City Myanmar Plaza and dishes there are pho-nomenon! Not only it’s satisfying, it is also healthy so for those who are looking for diet friendly hearty meal, Pho is a way to go.

Coconut Noodle at Bagan Thu

Who doesn’t love Coconut Noodle, another iconic dish that is perfect for this rainy season!

Kuay Tiew at Palace

Kuay Tiew is a Thai classic that is similar to Pho but it has a clear broth which is spicier and more zesty. This dish comes in two version: dry and soup base. Like Pho, it is light, healthy, and hearty making it a perfect dish to get out of bed and get through this Monsoon season. If you are looking for a bowl of Kuay Tiew, come down to Palace at Food City Myanmar Plaza.

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