Future of Yangon’s F&B

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Yangon, like any cities is becoming a melting pot of culture. As a trade center of the country, the city is rapidly becoming a place where people of diverse culture reside. Due to decades of isolation, Myanmar has been lagging behind most of its Asian counterparts until the liberalization of the economy in 2011. However, the country is slowly gaining a momentum to become one of the global cities of the world.

Take full advantage of Yangon’s unique and dynamic dining scene that’s spread across the city. For local cuisines under $1, visit Burmese tea shops and curry houses which can be found in every corner of the streets in Yangon.
For Vietnamese spring rolls or beef pho, visit Golden Pho on Yaw Min Gyi Street. Also, in downtown is Yangon’s Chinatown and little India where Chinese restaurant like Baw Ga and Indian restaurant such as Shwe Myo Taw (Golden City) can be found. To experience some Japanese and Korean concepts, visit Fuji Japanese and Sorabol chain restaurants around midtown. If you like the sound of spicy food, visit any of the Ma La Xiang Guo shops, though The Spicy House is hard to beat. But for those who can’t go without a cup of barista coffee, there are both international and local chains like Gloria Jeans or Espressonite.

For those who want to enjoy a little bit of everything without worrying about traffic, food courts such as Food City might just be the destination. These integrated dining facilities are offering wide range of local and international food at a reasonable price to offer “Food for Everyone!”

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